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GoddessKaffin8d's New Year's Resolutions
Journey to Self-Discovery

Anyone can join, I just would like to know who is reading!

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I've decided to actually do resolutions this year. I haven't done any, well, ever. The last one I made was when I was 17. I said "Give up caffiene" Which I then in turn gave that up for Lent.
So I'm doing this big blogging resolutions thing. All entries I post in regards to them will be public. With a few exceptions. (IE personal matters will either not be posted or reserved for Friend's Only.

So on to my Journey of Bettering myself!!

My Official New Year's Resolutions

1) Donate Unwanted Hair to Locks of Love

Self explanatory. I do not need it (or want it), why not donate it? I did actually want to do this last year
2) Get a Tattoo
I have always wanted one, since before I was 18. I have always been much to scared to, but if I can give birth (and have an epideral) then I can get a small tattoo. I have an idea of what I want and am currently working on the design. (Nothing fancy) I also have to decide where I want it. I am leaning towards ankle although I know it is one of the more painful places. I told Josh and he said he will go with me and get one at the same time, he just needs to figure out what he wants. I feel odd about having a sitter bc we want to get tattoos.
3) Actually Draw
(This is where the whole revision thing comes in.) I have made this goal several times, but I need to stick to it. I have decided for at least half an hour a day will be reserved for drawing. I will finish projects I start, and will do a once a month drawing... like a calendar. I would also like to revive my weekly challenge, however there is one huge, major flaw I cannot get over. I was the one choosing the subjects/ideas. To be truly challenged someone (or someones) would have to come up with the challenges, thus forcing me to think outside the box. No matter how hard I try, I am not really going to pick subjects/ideas I do note like/want to do. This is where an art class, no matter how mediocre, would come in handy.
4) Get a Fancy New Phone
I know it is silly, but am I not allowed to have a freebie. One that does not require me to better myself in anyway? I have it narrowed down to either the LG Mint Chocolate or the LG Cherry Chocolate. I will have to decide once we get there and I see them in real life.
5) A. Get my main and at least one alt to 60 (or maybe even 70)
Those who do not play WoW (World of Warcraft) have no idea what I am talking about. Those who do play know exactly what I mean. And yes we are getting BC (Burning Crusade).
5) B. Get all other alts to at least 40.
Same thing as above
5) C. Get rid of extraneous alts.
I have a serious case of what is known as "altitis". I am limiting myself to 3 Alliance and 3 Horde. (along with my goof off toon)
5) D. Get mounts for all.
This is actually a lot harder then it sounds. Mounts cost 100 gold. 100 copper = 1 silver. 100 silver = 1 gold. And the most creatures usually drop is 40s. (You can get some to drop 1g+ but it is not common.)
6) Clean up the house and keep it clean.
This is a lot harder then it sounds. I need to get someone to take care of Lily while I clean the house. Once I get the house clean it will only be a matter of keeping it clean, which I have done before and it is much easier that way.
7) Talk to my friends more.
It does not matter how, just communicate more. I think I do keep in touch fairly well, just not as much as I could and I would really like to work on it.
8) Move Lily to Her Own Bed*
After writing the original, once we got back, I did attempt to move Lily to her bassinette. She actually fell asleep on her own. (Although she looked around at it for a while) Unfortunately she woke up two hours later, screaming, bc she didnt know where she was or where we were. She now sleeps in bed with us.*
9) Work on Appearance
No, I do not look like absolute hell right now. I just do not do much as I could be doing. Just small things. I am going to go out and buy (light) make-up. Just things to enhance what I have, but I will not necessarily look like I am wearing make-up. Also getting dressed everyday. I know that sounds silly to some, but I am a stay-at-home mom/housewife and if I do not have to go somewhere most of the time I do not bother to get dressed. Why bother to get perfectly clean clothes dirty?
10) Be Less Camera Shy
Now, I do not want to be some sort of model (like a few people I know -and admire- who take self portraits/pictures all the time), but I would like to be more comfortable with myself to be able to allow my picture to be taken, or even take a self-portrait should I desire to do so.
11) Exercise
I know this should probably tie in with appearance, but I count them seperately. Right now exercise for me is walking around the house, bouncing Lily, and walking to the car. (Nope, not kidding) I want to do two fifteen minute exercises/stretches and go for a walk once a day. My goal is to lose this "mama's pooch" and -at least- one inch off my waist. (My ultimate goal is two inches, but I am not sure how physically possible is.)
12) Cook
I am not going to say "Cook More" because, honestly, I do not cook now. I was, at one point, but...
13) Get Driver's Licence
Believe it or not, I did not actually put it off last year. Things just sort of happened to get in the way of it. 2005, however, I did put it off. No more, I need to get it.
14) Spend More Time with and Talking to Josh**
We do not spend as much time as we should together. Everyonce and a while he complains I do not pay as much attention to him as I used to, and he is right. When he was on the computer I would come over and rub/scratch his head and mess with his hair. I do not do it so much any more (for one very obvious reason), but I should try to do little things like that more. We do also need to talk more. We do talk about small things alot, (which is good) but we tend to avoid the bigger issues. This is neither his nor my fault.
15) Spend a Little More One-on-one Time with Lily*
I spend almost all of my time with Lily, I did realise, I do not spend very much one-on-one time with her. I usually have the TV on. Not because I watch alot of TV, but I grew up in a large family and I have a hard time coping with no background noise.
16) Drink Less Soda
I am not going to give up caffiene, not this year anyway, but I do drink way too much soda. I am going to drink more water, tea, kool-aid, etc...
17) Be More Spiritual
I just do not do as much as I should, or could. So I will work on that.
*Another entry will be posted about this (in more detail) later.
**Will not be posting most of the things on this one, at the very least not in a public post. It is a privacy thing. I might let everyone know we did it by making a post saying "We talked about an issue we have had and have finally come to an understanding"

Note: First person to point out what is weird about my entry gets bonus points!

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